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Our team at Edufun has been operating in the Travel Industry for 7 years.

Edufun Trips, where travel create learning and discover ideas in young minds.

We are student education travel company based out in Bangalore and New Delhi and most of our customer schools trust us to provide a Truly educational and safe journey for students.

Travel and learn the passion though discovering new life stages, All programs are designed to ignite curiosity in students, these immersive journeys will not only help students to explore their passion & get better insight but also inspires them to follow their dreams for the rest of their life.

Unique learning experiences backed up by great travel experiences on earth..

Let us make your travel experience wonderfully liberating.
  • Travel

    with Samyaan to distant lands.

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    yourself and the communities you visit.

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    stunning landscapes, unseen cultures, majestic cities and their cuisines yet to be experienced.

  • Well-Groomed Professional Drivers: We employ drivers whose credentials are verified. They are well-groomed and polite and most have a working knowledge of English, Hindi and some foreign languages like Italian and French.
  • Travel guides: Travel guides working with us have thorough knowledge about the history, cuisines and customs of the places assigned. We select those who are into it not only as a means of living but genuinely passionate travelers who rub off their enthusiasm onto the group under them.
  • Worldwide ticketing service: We assist in ticketing- both national and international for our clients.